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Positive Cloud Services

Virtual Machines, Containers, Appliances

Posicloud provides you with high server performance, processing power and memory ensuring a fast, stable and flexible service at an unbeatable price.

Posicloud Ltd

Posicloud Ltd. is a new UK London based company born from (and owned by) its big sister The Positive Internet Company Ltd.

Positive Internet Ltd. have been in the hosting industry for twenty years, and built up a reputation as a small, trustworthy, knowledgable team, specialising in Gnu/Linux hosting. Positive's focus is largely on high-end dedicated and managed clusters of physical servers, and runs and owns its own Data Centre infrastructure (Positive Park). Positive are experts in networking, infrastructure and full platform design and builds.

Posicloud is a service focussed on Cloud, VMs and Containers/Appliances. We didn't want to just make "another product", we wanted a brand new specialised sub-company. We benefit from the years of experience, our own infrastructure and our own platform.

Posicloud is something new, a flexible, developer and consumer friendly service with handy control panels and automated billing systems. The automation allows for better value products, but we still maintain a friendly administrative and technical support team who are available to you through simple to use support systems.

We can even offer a fully managed VIP service through Positive Internet Ltd, and we will endevour to create and mould any product to fit your requirements if you don't see it immediately available.